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Project: Howell Road

The Howell Road Project is a Greenfield Project in Sydenham. The project is made up of two bedroom houses taking the form of single, double and row units. The Howell Road Housing Project is First Metros successful Greenfield Project.

The land was purchased in the year 2001. The institutional subsidy was applied extensively on this project and beneficiaries’ applicants that were approved by Department of Housing enjoyed the comfort of renting the two bedroom units.

The type of tenure is purely a rental project. Development took the form of single, double, triple and quad units. Project commenced in the year 2002 and reached a 100% occupancy rate in April 2003.


The total number of units are 213 comprising of 11 single, 71 double, 16 triple and 3 quad units

Description of a two bedroom unit:

  • Average size 42 m².
  • Open plan kitchen with built in cupboard.
  • Lounge
  • Bedrooms
  • Toilet/Bathroom with bath tub and geza geyser system.